7 Inch Filter Case

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Su filtre kullanım alanları

  • Input of washing machine
  • Input of dish washer
  • Input of hydrophore
  • Drop irrigation systems
  • Auto washing systems
  • Thermal solar systems
  • Input of water meter (indirectly protects whole flat)
  • Diesel oil
  •  Auto washing systems
  • Thermal solar systems
  •  Input of water meter(indirectly protects whole flat)
  • Medical devices (in dental and dialysis centers)

How to use water filters

Filter is made of solid and durable material.
It can be used under high pressure, high temperature, freezing cold and places where
impact is substentive. Inside the filter bin, a washable “rustproof chrome” cartridge. This cartridge filters he articles and grit in water. Also, this cartridge can easily filter various liquids of different temperatures thanks to its chrome screeen. Pore width of the cartridge is 100 microns. When the pores are congested, it can be taken out, washed and used again.

There are two types of these filters as being 1 ½” and 2” input and output. These is a
washable cartridge named code of 254 Y in this filter cape. This cartridge filtrates particulates
and sand micelles in water. There are two types of these cartridges as being 50 micron and 100 microns according to wide of its pores. This cartridge can be reused by removing and
cleaning when its pores has been bunged up. Filters with coloured case are advised to prefer
in order to prevent mossiness in sunny places. 254 felt cartridge can be placed into these filters according to wish. 254 felt cartridge is used to filtrate invisible particulates in water and
when its pores have filled up, new cartridge is fixed.

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